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Pilates is a huge passion of mine. I committed to taking my teaching qualification after a hobby became a passion of mine and I have never looked back since. What I love about Pilates is that is really is for everyone. It not only has the aesthetics appeal that we all want but it is also about function and prevention and inner health that we can’t see but all benefit from.

I like my classes to be fun, challenging and interactive, but I also want to educate my clients on what we are doing and why, so that Pilates can be used outside of the studio in our everyday life. It’s never to early nor to late to start.



Carly is a qualified teacher In both Pilates and Yoga. She found her love for yoga by accident. She was looking for a job and hobby that would keep challenging her and allow her to always be learning. She attended her first yoga class with no expectation or experience and has never looked back since. Carly wants to share her experiences and love for yoga and Pilates in her classes and to have fun on the mat, live in now and move on the mat.



Yoga is my passion! I am trained across many styles including flow, yin, restorative and teens. In my classes, you can expect to have fun whilst playing with the challenges that yoga brings in an inspiring and creative way.  I'm known for my energy, honesty and big fat smile. Together, we will work with movement to build strength, find resistance and start creating space in both body and mind (always set to a seriously good soundtrack).  No mater what, you will always find yourself in a supportive environment whether you are just starting out on your yoga journey, or looking to develop a deeper practice.  

Yoga isn't just something I do and teach, it's about who I am and how I choose to live. A conscious balance for a healthy and happy body, mind and attitude to life.  The practice of yoga has done so much for me and my wellbeing, and I can't wait to share this with you.



I truly believe that yoga is for everyone and is a way of living our lives. I love being at the very beginning of a person’s journey into yoga and sharing their experiences. Witnessing a new yogi grow in self-confidence and learn new skills constantly reminds me of why I decided to become a teacher.

I fell for yoga in my 20’s whilst travelling to beautiful places and working in all kinds of jobs. Yoga became the consistent, reliable and honest practice that I still love today. It was always there for me. 

Two years ago filled with excitement and with my two young girls teaching me so much about life, love and what’s important, I qualified as a yoga teacher. I’m enjoying every single experience that being a yoga teacher is giving me and I’m embracing all new opportunities.

More recently, mindfulness and happiness have become a larger part of my life and I love to share what I’ve learnt with anyone wanting to incorporate these into their lives alongside yoga and general self-care.



I have been in the fitness industry for 13 years, first starting out as a personal trainer and fitness class instructor. 5 years ago I embarked on my yoga alliance teacher training. I had already been practicing yoga for 10 years but my teacher training deepened my knowledge on how this wonderful practice can benefit us right from the ancient teachings to the modern day science, not just physically but mentally as well. Yoga means to bind, working mind, body and breath in harmony with each other and I really incorporate this aspect into my classes that help also to bring a sense of calm and stillness into the mind and the body.

I am really looking forward meeting you and to running both Yoga and Meditation at the Body  Core Pilates & Yoga Studio in Woburn Sands.



I have been practicing yoga for 10 years, and teaching for 3years.

I trained with The Inner School of Yoga for two years as a Yoga Teacher, and I am just about to finish an additional two years  as a Yoga Therapist.

I teach Vinyasa flow yoga, which is suitable for all levels of fitness and ability, and can be enjoyed by anyone, helping to improve muscle tone, balance, posture, and range of movement. (flexibility).

My other passions include photography and golf. As a keen golfer I also offer yoga for golfers, and as a yoga therapist I can offer yoga for a number of illnesses, diseases and injuries, using a number of different yoga practices.



Angela came to qualify as a yoga teacher at the age of 50....so endeavours to be an inspiration for all that its never too late to learn or embark on a new venture!

Having practiced yoga for many years  Angela decided to train as a Hatha yoga Teacher where her passion and aim is to bring both a 'natural  and real' approach to her teaching and style. With a mix of Hatha, Flow, dynamic and gentle mindful practice, Angela promotes the philosophy that Yoga really is for everyone regardless of abilities as it's such  a personal journey and not about achieving perfection on the mat!

Angela is also a Resrorative Yoga Teacher and is undertaking her Yin Teaching in March.



Brian’s yoga journey started in 2009 after attending his first class with Brigitte, he discovered that yoga resonated with him on many levels. It was then that he had the realisation that yoga is not just about gaining flexibility, but more about releasing tension in the body, realigning habitual held patterns in the body and how to skilfully navigate life with greater intelligence off the mat too. He was so inspired that he decided to embark on his own teaching path. He was awarded his yoga teacher diploma in 2014. He has a compassionate approach to teaching and creates a safe space, meeting each student at their own level, so that each individual feels supported within their own unique practice. He has a deep understanding of body anatomy and offers good alignment cues with lots of encouragement to enable students to find a deeper state of awareness within their bodies and minds. Brian is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals.